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Your destiny is a function of how well you can use your mind and mouth

40 Days Discipleship Devotional (With Crossword Puzzle)

This Amazon Category Bestselling book provides a solution to help new Christians get a foundational understanding of the christian faith. It uses a simple, practical, friendly and thought provoking way to reach new Christians and encourage them to put into use the teachings of the bible through a daily line of action. There is an interactive exercise in the form of crossword puzzles to consolidate the lesson for the day and encourage participation.

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Professional CV Writing Template & Video Guide

If you found your Dream Job, would your resume get you an interview? For most young professionals, the answer is NO! But many if not all will still send the same 'badly' written CV and wonder why they never heard back from anyone. As a young professional, one of the best investments you can ever make at this stage of your career is to invest in a professionally written CV and break the psychological barriers to getting your dream job. Then  watch your "why won't anyone call me for an interview" CV turn into multiple interviews getting CV at your dream companies.

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Linkedin Training with Lewis Howes

Your Linkedin Profile is your most advanced marketing tool to get your dream job or your dream client. In this comprehensive training course, #1 Linkedin expert in the world, Lewis Howes teaches How to build a laser targeted connection list and do highly effective networking.

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Beginner's Guide to Public Speaking (Go from Novice to Pro)

Research Fact: The #1 Greatest Fear Is Public Speaking! Many people fear public speaking more than they fear death.  In this 30 days E-mail course, you'll "discover simple steps to improve your Communication and Public Speaking skills". It covers everything from stage presence to content delivery.


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E-mail Productivity Training with Ex-Google Employee

Learn how to spend 75% less time on Email. Get rid of spam and annoying emails for ever and finally reclaim your inbox and time. In this training you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to clear your inbox and never have to worry about e-mail again. If there is a skill a young professional or business owner requires to double your productivity overnight, it is Email management.

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Get a profitable WordPress blog for your business

If you are running a business or intend to start a business, it is important to let you know that your customers are waiting for you online. One effective way to reach them, and convert them into paying customers is through a profitable blog for your business. With this service, you’ll a get fully functional profitable blog for your business and much more, all setup for you.

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