DMM Email Marketing Strategy Training.

How I Made $840 in 7 Days on Autopilot!

“You are about to discover the hidden secret process that turns email marketing into a money making machine for your business in 90 days or LESS


If you’re spending money on email marketing and struggled to get consistent results, there’s a little known email marketing strategy that guarantees to deliver more opens, more clicks and raving subscribers looking forward to buy anything you are selling in your email.


First, there is something you need to know:

This case study will not be up for long and what I am about to share with you is my ‘golden secret’ so pay close attention.


For many entrepreneurs Email Marketing does not just work!


And after spending a lot of money chasing shadows created by the clueless ‘so called’ experts, they GAVE UP TRYING!


Email Marketing works and the secret to getting consistent results is now available to you!


The Question is: DO YOU WANT IT?


To put it in another way, your current approach

  • Is why Email Marketing is not working for you

  • Is why you are constantly fed up of the returns on your campaigns

  • Is why you are not profiting consistently

Introducing …

3 Months Email Marketing Turn Around! -with Ibukun Onitiju


Where I work with you 1-on-1 and fully handle your email marketing


I am going to show you the kind of results you can expect and the entire process so that you can simply copy it for free and duplicate it in your business to get results.


But before I go on to dissect the case study for you, I want to show you what you’ll get if you decide to work with me for the next 3 months


Here’s what you’ll get when you make the wise decision allowing me to work with you 1-on-1.

#1 – Expert E-mail Marketer

 I will diagnose your current strategy and strip it down to find hidden roadblocks currently stopping you from making profit.


#2 – Help you put together a winning product

 I will analyse your current products and select the most profitable product to promote so you can finally start making money.


#3 – Email Marketing Setup

 I will carefully setup your email marketing system, taking into consideration your unique business to maximise profit.


#4 – Email Template Design

 You will get 2 newly designed Email Templates per month. That is 6 email templates unique to you, optimised to drive conversions and sales.


#5 – Email Content

With my proven experience after sending hundreds of thousands of emails with amazing results, you will get proven email content that compels subscribers to your desired action.


#6 – Campaign Management

I will help you send 1 email campaign to your list per week (4 / month) and 12 over 3 months specifically to drive conversions and sales.


#7 – Subscriber Management

I will help you segment your list and tell you the ‘hidden desires’ of your subscribers that will make them buy anything you are selling.


# 8– Autoresponder Campaign (1 Product)

How will you like to make sales on autopilot?

Autoresponder series allows you to create pre-written email sequence towards a desired end point (sales)

The image below shows the strategy for a client that you can use and implement for your own E-mail Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Funnel

#9 – Weekly Report & Consultation

I will send you detailed weekly reports and a weekly 1hr phone/Skype consultation to review and optimise the email strategy.


This is the ‘secret’ solution you need to grow your business exponentially this year


I will work with you for 3 Months to optimise your Email Marketing Strategy for only N150,000 OR  if you prefer monthly installments N50,000/month and you will get all the amazing Benefits of working with me to literally make more sales, more profit and get more paying customers!


You are probably asking

Ibukun, How do I know that you can help me grow my business with Email Marketing?


Read a few things people have said about my emails









 And the case study I shared in details in the video above will help you understand the simple, yet powerful way Email Marketing makes money with results such as these:



proof8 proof11



Here’s my guarantee to you

  • If in the first 2 weeks of working with me, you don’t have a profitable Email Marketing Plan

  • And you are not confident your plan will make money for you

  • And haven’t seen any result

You can ask for a full refund of your money (No Questions Asked)

Now you see why many people regard me as the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to turning their business around with E-mail Marketing.


I want to do the same for you

Based on the results you have seen in my risk-free offer, Click below to register your interest and I will get in touch with you to start writing your success story.

Let me ask you a question

If you can finally make an additional $800 / week on autopilot based on some few e-mails I will write for you, what will that do for your business?



Here’s a fair warning!

I am only looking to work with a handful of clients


I also know spaces will fill up fast – Plus whichever way, this offer is only available for a limited time.  It is not likely to be made publicly available again.

So go ahead and register your interest so I can come along side you and help you make money using Email Marketing.